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Our team of experts is ready to offer you online guidance. Allow yourself mistakes or doubts and move on. Horoscope Overview for October for Aquarius:. An adventurous spirit continues to drive you this month, dear Aquarius, with special attention on your solar ninth house. Influences in this area of your chart stimulate your need to break out of a routine or limiting pattern of behavior. Educational, publishing, or travel opportunities can present themselves.

Your social life is mainly pleasant and easygoing in October. This month favors promotion of various types, group activities, learning, making valuable contacts, and venturing beyond your regular routine. As the month progresses, an energy shift towards career and responsibilities occurs. There can be recognition of your work or skills on the Helping others or learning new things can be especially pleasurable now.

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You're making considerable progress with higher education, networking, travel, legal affairs, friendships, publishing, promotion, and long-term dreams and goals. You might be attracted to a new line of study or feel motivated to explore a topic more deeply. Be positive and open for best results. Do your best not to over-think around the Full Moon on the 13th, and be careful what you allow yourself to believe, as others may not be giving you the full story. There can be a vital culmination on an educational level for some of you. This lunation encourages you to take care of your daily affairs so that you can branch out more confidently.

Self-honesty can have a lovely, cleansing, and purging effect on you. Facing things that you've recently avoided brings a feeling of moving forward. Acknowledging complicated feelings can, most interestingly, untangle them just enough that you can fee freer. Aim to sort out what information is useful, and what matters are only serving to overload you and rob you of your peace of mind. If you've been putting off attention to mundane affairs, including errands and deadlines, you'll feel the need to correct the matter now.

The month can be a time for renewing or reviving projects that you were working on behind the scenes or that were left unfinished. Planets begin to move into your solar tenth house of career and reputation, starting with Mercury on the 3rd.

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You're giving more and more thought to your responsibilities, plans, work, and status. You're also more accountable for what you communicate and more aware of how you are coming across when you speak or write. Others may recognize you for your ideas or intelligence, and this is rewarding.

source url You might find yourself more frequently in the position to make decisions about your life direction and career. There can be reminders to make changes to areas of your life that have become too predictable.

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  • Your ruler, Uranus, gets some nudges from planets opposing it in October. New insights into your career or life path are coming now, and it's important to listen not only to what your intuition is telling you but also to what seems to be coming from out of the blue. A progressive and innovative approach is called for, but shouldn't be pushed too hard or taken too far.

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    aquariusian man daily horoscope Aquariusian man daily horoscope
    aquariusian man daily horoscope Aquariusian man daily horoscope
    aquariusian man daily horoscope Aquariusian man daily horoscope
    aquariusian man daily horoscope Aquariusian man daily horoscope
    aquariusian man daily horoscope Aquariusian man daily horoscope
    aquariusian man daily horoscope Aquariusian man daily horoscope
    aquariusian man daily horoscope Aquariusian man daily horoscope

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